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Dear friends,

We need your help and collaboration to successfully finish construction of the unique Green Training Center in Dzoraghbyur village of Kotayk province and start our educational learning-by-doing program for farmers, agricultural students and specialists.

Email us: office@greenlane.am 

We Need Your Help



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Financial Support

We need money in order to pay for construction and renovation of the building and facilities, agricultural work, purchase of the necessary furniture and training equipment, agricultural inputs for the demo farm and many other things.

If you can afford to, please consider a donation. On the "How To Help" Page, currently you can choose between making contribution through the Skrill Digital Wallet (requires registration) and sending money directly to the Green Lane's bank account. We are looking for other, quicker and more comfortable options of online payments and hope to add them to the list in future. But as for an Armenia-based NGO the number of options is limited, please, contribute some time to use these options. We really appreciate you time and generosity! Continue to the HOW TO HELP page  

Tools and Equipment

We need the following tools and equipment for our Center. If you can help us by providing any of these as an in-kind contribution, please, contact us at office@greenlane.am Whether you are an individual or an organizations, all big contributors will be recognized as Partners of the Green Training Center. Thank you!

  1. Mini-tractor
  2. Water pump
  3. Anti-hail net system
  4. Containers for collecting rain-water
  5. Electric-powered grasscutter
  6. Solar panels
  7. Solar water heaters
  8. Solar-powered drying facility
  9. Mini-greenhouse (solar-powered)
  10. Mini-greenhouse (bio heating system)
  11. Plastic clad tunnels
  12. Humidity meter
  13. Soil analyzer


We need volunteers who can help us with construction work and farming activities on the Center's demo farm. If you're willing to help, please contact us at office@greenlane.am 


We are open to your ideas on all aspects of the project! Help us create comfortable space and really favorable environment for our trainees and guests to learn and share knowledge. Also, we are open to cooperation and collaboration with all interested organizations and persons.

Spread the Word

Very often, just spreading the word is as helpful as making donation or contributing your time to the project.  We really need you to spread the word about this green educational initiative and help other people join us. Please, share information about the Green Training Center through your networks. Let us know about your posts or other published materials on the Green Training Center via email at office@greenlane.am