To foreign members

What Green Lane offers to its members?


The provision of informational, educational and consultancy support to its members is very important for Green Lane NGO. The organization has developed a rich database of agricultural and environmental information and knowledge over the years, which is fully accessible for farmers, agricultural specialists, and any other person interested in agriculture.

Our members receive free information on all branches of agriculture, and are also being provided with necessary literature.

Members of the organization are preferably involved in the implemented projects.

All the members of the organization are given the opportunity to participate in trainings in Armenia and abroad. Members participate in experience exchange programs, study programs, workshops, seminars, etc.

Green Lane gives its foreign members an opportunity to visit Armenia, participate in the implemented projects, get acquainted with the country’s agriculture, history and culture.

Green Lane also provides a rare opportunity for scholars and researchers in the environmental and agricultural fields to work in the organization’s experimental farmer households and to have publications in scientific journals in Armenia and abroad.  We assist them in participating in different international workshops and meetings, and in continuing their education in educational institutions abroad.

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