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Green Lane NGO would like to present you a new book - “Cultivating Lemon Trees”, authored by Dr. Ara Hovhannisyan and Dr. Nune Sarukhanyan.  In a truly absorbing and reader-friendly way, the book tells the secrets of growing lemon trees and securing a rich and high-quality crop more... 


In the Green Lane Garden

Green Lane’s yard is very beautiful. We have created a small garden, where you can find everything – vegetables, herbs, flowers, berries...

The children of our and neighbouring yards visit every day, water and take care of it and look forward to the harvest of tomatoes, cucumbers, peppers and of other crops – right on the bushes. They have seen many of these plants only in supermarkets and markets, and sometimes don’t even know whether they grow on trees or on bushes :)

The hoopoe, which is considered the bird symbolizing this year, also often comes to our garden We take photos, but it is not scared and does not fly away, as this is its home, and thus safe and comfortable... 
In the hot weather of Yerevan this yard has become a pleasant place for children, where they also get environmental education. All children already take care of plants and flowers in their homes. Sometimes they ask for seeds and seedlings, and besides providing them the necessary materials we explain them the cultivation methods.
For the children of our yard summer has become more pleasant!!!