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Trainings on natural disaster risks mitigation

The importance of natural disaster risk mitigation problem is growing daily. The whole territory of Armenia and particularly of Lori region is prone to natural disasters, such as flood, landslide or hail. For tackling these issues one must possess, first of all, appropriate knowledge and skills, and only after that – materials and equipment. What should be a villager be doing with an anti-hail station, if no one ever taught him how to run it? 

Community members of Armenia usually have to battle natural disasters, without having and professional assistance, and relying only on their own skills and experience. And they can get professional skills only from specialists, which would be even more effective if they received this skills since early childhood, when human brain accumulates information easier. 

A training manual was developed for schools teachers for that purpose, which is designed to help them teach children the ways of battling natural disasters. It contains general information on mitigation of risks and the contents of management cycle, such as prevention, reaction, restoration of damaged objects. The manual also contains information on modern approaches to natural disaster results’ assessment, contents of risk (threat, vulnerability), structural and non-structural prevention mechanisms and definition of concepts used. 

The manual also contains information on impact of natural disasters on the current image of climate change in South Caucasus. 

The manual was recently presented to teachers of ten schools of Lori region, and a special training was conducted for them to help them teach using the manual. The teachers have already included the manual into their teaching plans and hundreds of pupils are already getting ready for tackling the consequences of natural disasters.

The training manual was prepared within the scope of the EU-funded program “Enhancing Local Capacity and Regional Cooperation for Climate Change Adaptation and Biodiversity Conservation in Georgia and the South Caucasus” project, and is implemented by the international organization Mercy Corps and the Caucasus Environmental NGO Network (CENN).