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Green Lane NGO would like to present you a new book - “Cultivating Lemon Trees”, authored by Dr. Ara Hovhannisyan and Dr. Nune Sarukhanyan.  In a truly absorbing and reader-friendly way, the book tells the secrets of growing lemon trees and securing a rich and high-quality crop more... 


Trans-Boundary CCA (Climate Change Adaptation) Plan Presentation

A workshop was organized on July 29, 2014, in scope of the EU-funded “Enhancing Local Capacity and Regional Cooperation for CCA and Biodiversity Conservation in Georgia and the South Caucasus” project, which is implemented by organizations “Green Lane”, Caucasus Environmental NGO Network ( CENN ) and “Mercy Corps”. Nune Sarukhanyan, the President of “Green Lane” NGO conducted the meeting with participants from “Mercy Corps”, CENN, “Green Lane” NGO, and also regional authorities from Lori marz. During the meeting Tamar Bagratia presented Trans-Boundary CCA (Climate Change Adaptation) plan. The participants discussed and made their own useful additions. Then Lika Marghania represented short-films about extreme climate changes in Russia and other countries of the region in 2010, when big losses were recorded, thus emphasizing the need of climate change adaptation plan for South Caucasus countries. After, the participants did analysis. The meeting achieved its goal of bringing together enthusiastic group of people ready to meet the challenges of climate change and find ways to communicate them to the society.