About Green Lane

Mission Statement

Our mission is to improve agricultural, environmental and socioeconomic situation through educational, consultancy, and investment projects.

Pioneering in Agricultural and Rural Development in Armenia

Green Lane NGO became one of the pioneer organizations in Armenia that adapted and put in practice the concepts of participatory approaches to the rural development; community- and farmer-driven research and activities; and the principle of empowering women, poor villagers and other vulnerable groups to take part in the decision-making process.

Strategic directions of Green Lane NGO

1. Contribute to the improvement of the socio-economic condition of the rural areas through introducing sustainable agricultural practices

  • Education, consultancy, awareness raising
  • Sustainable agricultural development and production of ecologically clean products
  • Applied agricultural research
  • Agrobiodiversity conservation
  • Introduction of new technologies in the field of agriculture
  • Formation and development of farmer groups
  • Logistical support to farmers and farmer groups through investment projects
  • Provision of marketing services
  • Advocacy and lobbying

2. Contribute to the environmental protection and to the solution of the environmental problems

  • Environmental education, consultancy, awareness raising
  • Establishment and development of environmental groups
  • Advocacy and lobbying
  • Introduction of green technologies
  • Protection and monitoring of components of the environment

3. Develop and build the capacities of the NGO

  • Increase the number of the members to the organization and development and continuous contacts with members
  • Establishing active linkages with international donors
  • Activation of alternative fundraising activities
  • Creation of a training center increasing the scope to the activities of the organization
  • Introduction of procedures for regulating the processes in financial and HR management
  • Improvement of PR activities
  • Image making
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