Green Lane Today

Green Lane is a group of people with a passion and motivation aimed at creating changes that will improve the Armenian agriculture. It is one of the leaders promoting the development of organic agriculture.

We're Dedicated to Armenia's Organic Foods and Agricultural Development

Green Lane Agricultural Assistance NGO was established in December 2004 by a group of agricultural researchers, farmers, students and agribusiness professionals dedicated to the common goal of agricultural and rural development in Armenia and united by a common vision of the ways to achieve it - through supporting farmer cooperation and development of commercial farming in Armenia!

The NGO possesses considerable professional expertise as it pools the individual experiences and knowledge of its members. Many of them have worked in the field of agriculture and rural development for many years.

Green Lane is supported by agricultural cooperatives and farmer groups - some of them established by the U.S. Department of Agriculture's Marketing Assistance Project in Armenia. Green Lane also includes individual farmers, agricultural and development specialists, researchers, and students - everybody who shares the ideas and goals proclaimed and pursued by it.

We are on a Mission!

We work to help farmers improve and sustain their businesses and to make our contribution to securing healthy and safe agriculture products for consumers!

Green Lane assists farmers in production and marketing of high quality, competitive agricultural products via formation given out to farmer groups and cooperatives (farmer field schools, local extension research groups, cooperatives) thus improving the income of the member farmers, their families, people cooperating with them, and processors that are buying from the member farmers.

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Provision of sanitary-hygienic rules during milk collection and storage

On July 17-18 Training on “ Provision of sanitary-hygienic rules during milk collection and storage’’ was conducted for Aregnadem cooperative members by the support of Green Lane NGO in cooperation with CENN within the framework...[more]

Seminars in Lori and Tavush Regions in the Scope of the Ecomigration Project

On July 11th, 2014, Green Lane Agricultural Assistance NGO organized seminars in communities Debed (Lori region) and Gandzaqar (Tavush region) in the scope of the EU-funded “Eco- migration: dialogue and cooperation in the South...[more]

Schoolchildren will learn methods of natural disaster risks mitigation

In ten schools of Lori region lessons on “Natural disasters risk reduction” topic were conducted. The lessons were developed using a training manual on the similar topic, which contains general information on mitigation of risks...[more]

Trainings on natural disaster risks mitigation

The importance of natural disaster risk mitigation problem is growing daily. The whole territory of Armenia and particularly of Lori region is prone to natural disasters, such as flood, landslide or hail. For tackling these...[more]