Ongoing Projects

Support to Agricultural Women Groups in North-Eastern Armenia

  • Implemented by Green Lane NGO, funded by Sign of Hope e.V., October 2016- September 2017

Green Lane NGO and Sign of Hope e.V. German organization launched a new small one-year project in October 2016 in north-eastern regions of Armenia, in particular in Gargar (Tavush marz) and Gandzaqar (Lori marz) communities. The project aims to introduce/encourage efficient sustainable agricultural production, particularly high-value crops, via forming farmer groups and integrated production management and knowledge (knowledge sharing). We will support them to develop their activities in sustainable farming through training and provide them with quality seeds, seedlings, and agricultural tools, means against pests, and organic fertilizers. In the end of the project, it is planned that the families, who were given seeds and seedlings as well as necessary knowledge, will commit themselves to give seeds to other community women members as well as they will share their knowled[more]

Economic Empowerment of Rural Women Groups through Capacity Building


  • Implemented by Green Lane NGO, Funded by UN Women Fund for Gender Equality, 2016-2018

Green Lane NGO is happy to announce the start of Economic Empowerment of Rural Women Groups through Capacity Building project funded by UN WOMEN Fund for Gender Equality. The Fund for Gender Equality is dedicated to programmes that increase women’s economic opportunities and/or political participation at local and national levels.
The Green Lane programme was among the 24 initiatives selected from a pool of 1,386 proposals in the Fund’s 2015 grant-making cycle. Applications underwent a multi-phased rigorous and competitive review process led by an independent Technical Committee of gender experts. Selected proposals were ultimately endorsed by UN Women and a committee of key external stakeholders composed of civil society, governmental, and private sector representatives. This programme stood apart as a model for the effective advancement of gender equality and support t[more]

Construction of Green Training Center


Green Lane NGO and Green Life LTD are establishing a Green Training Center in Dzoraghbyur village of Kotayk region. The Center will serve as a unique model of an organic farm. The idea is to create a Green Center that will help provide both theoretical and practical knowledge to farmers, agricultural practitioners and students. The training center will be housed in a two-storey building with a total area of 280 m2. The area of the experimental demonstration plot to be used for hand-on trainings is about 2750 m2. On first floor of the building, there will be comfortable space for holding trainings and small workshops. On the second floor, we’ll have seven bedrooms with double-story beds, where about 15-20 people (training participants/students) can stay. An the Center, it will be possible to organize not only one- or two-day trainings, but also long training courses (five-, ten-day or longer) on agricultural, environmental and other related topics. The[more]

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